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You have purchased the best product in the world. It’s rugged and capable. Buying from Allcomm Technologies Motorola Solutions product line means reliable, dependable operation but sometimes our products are pushed past their limits and fail in the field. Whether it’s your main repeater system, your console, mobile radio or portable radio, we can help. Here are the first questions to ask:
* Is the whole system failing or just a single radio? Can anyone talk at all on the channel? Can everyone hear but you?
* Is there power? Swap batteries with another portable. Move the mobile to another car. Check power and battery backup to a repeater/base station.
* Is the antenna intact? Swap antennas with another portable. Look at the antenna connection to a mobile and look at the antenna on the roof.
* Does the transmit light come on when you push the button?

Every one of our products includes initial warranty coverage and additional service is available. At Allcomm Technologies, we have the fastest turnaround in the Motorola organization. We follow all of the rules and preregister each product sent to the depot. This means that the product is back in the field faster and repaired right the first time. We ask you to help us keep this record by:
* Describing the issue in detail
* Including your customer name and phone number for questions

There are four service options:
* Service from the Start: Extending your depot service past the initial time period takes the worry out of your initial purchase and gives your people peace of mind. With your purchase, we can provide service from the start in yearly increments. That means no purchase orders, no requisitions and questions. Just drop off or ship the radio to Allcomm’s convenient location in Wall, NJ and we’ll handle the rest. Of course, the depot is Factory Mutual approved for intrinsically safe product. Remember, if it’s not repaired in a FM approved facility it’s no longer intrinsically safe. We track radio repairs and services through the radio serial number should you have any questions about service or SfS status.
* Comprehensive Service from the Start: No questions asked. No failure too extreme. This is the ultimate in service. Comprehensive SfS extends our standard offering to include physical damage. Physical damage occurs when a radio is put into a situation outside of it’s design criteria and a failure occurs. If you environment is this extreme, this is the “no headache” solution for you.
* Envelop on site Service: We call it envelop because it surrounds and protects your system. That means all of the radios you use including repeaters, consoles, base stations, mobiles and portables. One telephone call starts the process. Through the Motorola dispatch center, each issue is addressed with local on site technician dispatch, resolution tracking and automatic escallation. This service can include guaranteed on site timing and advanced parts replacement.
* Flat Rate and Per Issue Repair: Pay as you go. A la carte. At Allcomm Technologies, we offer flat rate repair for most products. One price for each repair, each time. Of course, we stand behind our service so each repair includes a 90 day warranty. We can also dispatch fixed equipment service to your location on a time and material basis.